Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Isaiah is TWO

Dear Isaiah,

Today, we celebrate.  Today, at 6:49 in the morning, you officially turned TWO years old!   I can't help but lay awake at that time, thinking back like it was just yesterday, remembering hearing your cry from the warming room as I laid yearning to hold you in my arms, as the doctor silenced the bustling operating room so that we could hear you.

Joy.  I felt joy.  

I didn't think you'd be able to cry, Isaiah; I had been warned that you'd be in so much pain from all of your ribs breaking from your expanding lungs that you'd be unable to cry.  

I remember living in the moment, soaking in every second, because I had the word lethal still in my head and I was so scared for you.  

But look at you.

That lethal diagnosis wasn't right in your case, and I am grateful every day. You proved those predictions wrong, buddy, and you continue to defy the odds.

We've been through some scary stuff the last two years: feeding tubes, respiratory failure, breathing machines, fractures, hydrocephalus, MRIs, X-Rays, surgeries....but you grow stronger, despite your challenges.  You continue to thrive and grow and do YOU.

Keep going baby.

Happy Birthday, we love you, Isaiah!
Momma and Daddy <3


Hi everyone, sorry for the break I've taken from the blog...I'll explain it at some point, once I can find the words.  We're actually away right now, with Dave for work so that we can be together as a family for Isaiah's birthday. <3 I'm hoping to sit down and write about Isaiah's birthday party/cake for Friday. And hopefully I can get past whatever writer's block I have to post again. <3

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