Monday, August 24, 2015

Community Day

Hi everyone! I'm starting to maybe feel the spark to post again?  Maybe....

This weekend was beautiful!  I can't believe it's August.  Usually it's so hot but this August has been just dreamy....worries me for this winter but for now we'll enjoy the cool summer days- Isaiah sure loves them!

Random fact: We moved into our house four years ago.  A weekend after we moved in, there were fighter jets, helicopters, and cargo planes flying randomly over our house for three days.  We had no idea what was going on until our neighbor told us about Community Days at the local airport.  Apparently one weekend every summer, the local airport has an event to welcome everyone to explore the world of aviation.

Last year, Isaiah was just too young...but this year...armed with his independence thanks to his wheelchair, Isaiah was able to enjoy his very first Community Days experience.

We went at gate opening and enjoyed checking out the all of the air crafts that were on display.

There was ample opportunity to learn about the history of many of the planes, talk to pilots, enjoy food carts, and even check out various set ups of war camps.

Isaiah loved watching the parade of planes...where one plane at a time would roll by...

When we first decided we wanted to take Isaiah, I reached out to our support group out of concern for Isaiah's ears when it came to the engines of the airplanes.  I honestly thought it was going to be super loud!  Some say that because of the fragility of severe OI bones, very loud noises can fracture the tiny bones in the ears, causing hearing loss at a later age....obviously I didn't want to cause those fractures by taking him to this event, but I also didn't want to skip it when I knew he'd enjoy it. (Isaiah is all about "air pains")....I really don't want to let OI rule his life, you know?  It's just one aspect of it and with proper precautions he can adapt and enjoy everything he wants to....that's my goal anyway. ;-)

Anyway, I ordered a pair of Baby Banz for kids, tried them on Isaiah throughout the week and was confident he'd be ok wearing them if it was noisy....but guess what?  It wasn't noisy at all!  The area was open and large, only one plane was running at a time, and we were far enough away that it was just fine.

This was a wonderful event to bring Isaiah to.  It was educational, fun, and easy on the wallet....yup, it may have to be a yearly event for us. :)

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