Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Strengthening those Legs!

Back in the beginning of April, Isaiah's PT brought a Gait Trainer for Isaiah to try.

The gait trainer was here for just a few weeks as we worked on ways to tweak it to make it work for Isaiah and figure out if it was something worthwhile to pursue with insurance.

Isaiah loved it.  He loves having his feet on the ground and he loved trying to move in little ways.  and I believe it woke him up to realize that his legs are useful parts of his body....since then, Isaiah has even been learning how to scoot when laying on his back!

Once we gave the demo gait trainer back, I knew Isaiah needed to continue to "stand" so I spoke to a few other moms of kids with severe OI and one suggested the Joovy Spoon walker.  It looked great! Not covered in toys, a removable tray, and can grow with a child to three different heights.

Isaiah immediately fell in love with it.  I was bummed that even the shortest setting was just too tall for Isaiah.  We found a way to modify it thanks to other parents of little people (who have modified theirs successfully), but in the meantime we've placed some foam under his feet so he has a ground to stand on.

Hopefully, we'll hear about the gait trainer soon.  I know Isaiah's PT has written a letter of medical necessity and Dr B wrote a prescription for us so now we wait for insurance to approve it so we can order it! :)

but how amazing will it be when Isaiah really learns to walk in this baby?? :) After the last few weeks of Isaiah really working his legs, I am very optimistic! :)

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