Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Straight Tibias!

Hi there! I wanted to make sure I stopped in to share that Isaiah's surgery was a success!

Those super bowed tibias are a thing of the past! Here's a picture of Isaiah getting his first look at them during one of his follow ups.

It was a long 6 weeks in the splints, and he couldn't wait to SCRATCH! haha

While Isaiah was splinted, we kept him busy outside of the house as much as we could (even quick trips to home depot! haha). He handled them much better than I expected!

As for how his legs compare from before, I'll let you see for yourself if you haven't seen these pictures on Isaiah's social media pages...

Straight legs!  He now has AFOs too so that as he learns to bare weight on his legs, his ankles won't give out.  AFO is short for Ankle Foot Orthodic.  He really likes them, calls them his "socks", and asks for them all the time! Which is great because he should be wearing them all the time. :)

Isaiah just recently got cleared to resume his water therapy so I am hopeful that will inspire him to realize when he is now capable of!  He does still need rods surgically placed in his upper leg bones, the femurs, but we're going to give him some time to fully heal before doing that.  

For now, we are just finishing up another round of pamidronate and then it's back to the grind of life. :)

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