Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pop Pop

Two weeks ago I was all "hey, I'm getting back into the swing of this blogging thing"....for a week.  Last week I had a tough time sitting down to share anything because what who was most present on my thoughts wasn't Isaiah, it was his Pop Pop.

Last Thursday marked one month since my dad passed away.  I've had a hard time comprehending that it's been that long when it feels like just moments ago that I got the phone call from my sister.  And it was just 24 hours earlier that we spoke to him.

It's been hard to accept that I can't call him on the phone to talk to him about what salad dressing I had on my salad anymore :-p or that he's not involved in any more FaceTime calls with Isaiah....looking so proudly at his grand baby....and me.

He was a fantastic father.  He was supportive, loving, always offering advice... He was an excellent example of how to be a loving, compassionate, and patient parent.  

because he sure had to be patient with me... ;-)

I am so grateful that he was able walk me down the aisle and to see his first grand baby be born.

and that he put up with my obsession with the Backstreet Boys on the many car rides that he'd take me on to my friends' houses in my teen years...I'm grateful that when I smell cigar smoke, I am instantly brought back to Halloween nights of my childhood where he would wait on the sidewalk while my sister and I would trick or treat, cigar in hand, smiling at us as we ran to him with our loot.  (He never liked that I thought of him when I smelled that, but it was his yearly smoke and it really was fun trick or treating)...I remember how he'd always come in and check on us before he'd head to bed, always stood in our doorways watching us sleep for a few moments, and how I used to think it was creepy but now I do the same with Isaiah and completely understand the thoughts that went through his head while he stood there. ;-) (gratefulness and so much love)

Why do I share this now? Because as I reflect on recent days, Isaiah isn't asking for him as much as he was...but yesterday...yesterday he kissed Pop Pop's picture after asking to talk to him repeatedly.  I had a hard time not crying when he wouldn't move on so we went outside to blow bubbles...together we blew bubbles to heaven for Pop Pop.

and after we watched a bubble go high in the sky, I put the bubble wand back in the bottle for more and when I lifted it out a big breeze came and surrounded us with bubbles.  Pop Pop blew bubbles for us, that's what I said to Isaiah...and Isaiah said "Thank you, Pop Pop" while he giggled and tried to pop some of them.

Thank you Pop Pop, for being the best of the best. I will love you forever.

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