Monday, May 27, 2013

Good Intentions

Dear Family and Friends,

We love how much you love us.  We love it beyond words.  We want to be sure you know something...

Your children are wonderful.  Your children are beautiful.  Your children are a part of our lives.

Please don't be afraid to invite us to see you or bring your children to an event/activity because we're going to be there.

We love seeing them.  They make us happy.  They give us inspiration.

Do not worry; our sad moments most often come after difficult doctor's appointments.  Or when we're by ourselves in the car and torture ourselves with music with too much meaning behind the words.  But when we see you/your children, we feel happiness.  We feel optimistic.  We feel love.  We feel loved.

Thank you for being so considerate of our feelings, but knock it off. :)
Vicky and David

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